Throne and Liberty: A Guide to End Game DPS (37 อ่าน)

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Hello and welcome to this comprehensive guide on Throne and Liberty, focusing particularly on the end game. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know to maximize your DPS (damage per second). We will start by prioritizing the STS (skills, talents, and synergies) to optimize our gameplay. Let's dive into the details.

Throne and Liberty is a versatile class that excels in dealing damage, thanks to its powerful skills and passives. We possess skills that can inflict multiple debuffs on enemies while also providing HP regeneration. However, our weakness lies in dealing with tanks, as their strong defense and reflective damage can pose a threat. Additionally, we lack area-of-effect (AOE) skills in our kit, which limits our ability to handle multiple enemies simultaneously.

To enhance our DPS, we benefit from various conditions. Firstly, if we can launch our skills consecutively, we gain a significant damage boost. Secondly, when targeting enemies, we receive a bonus to our hit chance. Lastly, if we engage enemies from a distance, we can deal more damage and have a higher chance of critical hits.

In terms of attributes, it is essential to allocate points to perception. Increasing perception enhances our hit chance, reducing the likelihood of missing attacks and increasing the chances of landing critical hits. Additionally, perception provides a slight increase in overall damage.

Regarding weapons, let's take a closer look at my setup. I have a purple bow with maximum ranged heavy attack chance and a TR (Throne and Liberty) rating of 4 out of 4. Unfortunately, I cannot obtain a better bow, as it is already at its maximum potential. My crossbow is also a purple item with a high TR rating. It is worth noting that crossbows are crucial for Throne and Liberty, and the damage difference between using a crossbow and other weapons is so substantial that it cannot be ignored. Therefore, I highly recommend prioritizing crossbows.

Crossbows, like the one I have, allow us to use the heavy attack twice consecutively. The first heavy attack has a chance to double our final damage, denoted by a small "x" on the damage number. Obtaining heavy attacks is not easy, especially with a non-optimized set, but when you acquire the right items with TR, it becomes a game-changer.

Legendary items are the pinnacle of gear progression in the game. However, crossbows, in particular, are incredibly difficult to obtain. Even though they offer a significant boost to your DPS, they are scarce and highly sought after. This scarcity makes crossbows an essential part of your build, as missing out on them would mean sacrificing half of the potential DPS you could achieve.

Now, let's discuss some of the skills specific to Throne and Liberty. The first one is "Decisive Sniping," which allows us to reuse it up to two times if we successfully hit the enemy twice with it. This skill is particularly useful for maximizing damage output. Additionally, we have "Knock," which deals more damage to targets affected by bind and scales with the distance between us and the enemy. It is an excellent skill to upgrade, especially considering its extended bind duration of up to 7.3 seconds. However, I would suggest reducing the bind duration, as it is currently too long and impacts the skill's balance.

For passives, "First Aim" provides a bonus when we bind enemies, which is perfect for maximizing our damage potential. "Sniper Sense" synergizes well with our R (ranged) skills, offering additional bonuses. These passives are incredibly useful during both PvP and PvE, granting more endurance and accuracy.

To further enhance our gameplay, "Devoted Shield" is a must-have passive, especially during PvP encounters. After acquiring all the essential longbow skills, you can focus on upgrading your crossbow skills. The first one to prioritize should be "Nimble Lip" as it provides a significant boost to attack speed and damage for its duration. Additionally, "Nimble Lip" synergizes well with "One Shot Bind," allowing you to deal high damage to multiple targets.

For mana management, the "Mana Technique" skill allows us to consume some mana to regenerate more mana. This skill proves invaluable in PvE, especially during prolonged dungeon fights, ensuring we never run out of mana.

Regarding other passives, "Vision" increases our hit chance based on the distance to the target, making it perfect for optimizing our damage output. "Hunting Instinct" provides a substantial damage boost and additional damage after using mobility skills. Since we only have one mobility skill, "Nimble Lip" fulfills this requirement, granting us a significant damage boost on its own. Lastly, "Death's Embrace" provides a lifesaving ability, allowing us to survive critical situations in both PvE and PvP encounters.

Now that we have covered the skills and passives, let's discuss the optimal rotation for maximizing DPS. Upon engaging an enemy, it is crucial to have the bind skill available. Once the target is bindable, open your rotation with "Nimble Lip" for the damage boost. Follow it up with "Decisive Sniping" for an instant heavy attack. If possible, use "Sting" multiple times for sustained damage. If the enemy can be crowd-controlled, utilize "Knock" to further increase your DPS. Always make sure to have "Nimble Lip" available for maximum damage potential.

To achieve the highest DPS output, it is imperative to maintain your bind on the target whenever possible. When the target becomes unbindable, use "Nimble Lip" again to maximize your damage during the available window. This rotation ensures a continuous stream of damage and takes advantage of the synergies between skills.

In conclusion, Throne and Liberty is a class that excels in dealing damage, but it requires careful consideration of skills, passives, and gear choices. Crossbows are a crucial part of the class's identity, offering substantial DPS boosts and should be prioritized in your gear selection. With the right skill set and rotation, Throne and Liberty can become a formidable force in both PvE and PvP encounters.




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